Cheryl Gould Bailey. Ann Balnicki.
Joana Cartagena. Evelyn Cohan.
Vicki Cohen. Bobi Dimond. Maxine Ellend. Ellen Gleichenhaus. Sheryl Gold.
Ellen Goldschild. Judy Goldstein.
Ferne Kalstone. Dr. E. Joseph Kaplan.
Carol Lewis. Claudette London-Brown. Gloria Muroff. Joy Steinberg.
Ellen Walder. Coleen Werner.

The Originals from back in 1997 have grown into a diverse group numbering in the hundreds. The arts are in trouble, which is precisely why we are needed. We dedicate ourselves to fundraising events and increasing membership so the arts may live and we may all experience and enjoy them. We are not just ladies and gentlemen who do lunch. We give our time. Donate our money. Sit on the board. Attend meetings. Organize events. Review grants. Underwrite. Raise funds. Spread the word. Attend cultural events in the community. Many members support CIA simply by paying dues, which are massively important to our success and ability to continue with our all-important Grants Program.
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